Forgotten Stories

Combining history and astrology to tell the stories we did not learn in school

Feminine voices are often lost to history. For centuries, if not millennia, the Western world has valued the masculine over the feminine. In the past several decades, many people have been working hard to remedy this situation. Yet, there is so much more work yet to do.

Often when women are remembered by history, it is because of their relationship with famous men. Yet, many of these women did extraordinary things in their own right.

This site is devoted to celebrating and honoring the quiet heroines that have been forgotten by history and telling their stories. Every month, a new heroine will be featured. In many cases, the heroine will be a historical figure, but sometimes she will be someone who is alive today. There will be a main article discussing the biographical information that is available about her.

Yet, this is not just a history site. Not only am I a history enthusiast, but I am also a professional astrologer. For many of these heroines, I will include bonus material throughout the month, such as an analysis of their astrological birthcharts or other information that may be of interest. Also, at times, there may be mysteries surrounding these heroines or their families, which I may discuss and try to answer using astrology.

Whether you are interested in history, astrology, or even just a good story, it is my hope that you will find material to enjoy on this site.

April’s Heroine of the Month

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton: Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story